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Boat rental

Boat rental is an excellent way to explore the beautiful shore. You can choose to spend a day in the Zadar archipelago, up to the National Park Kornati and the Telašćica Park or anchored in a beautiful bay, swimming and diving in a beautifully clean sea like Saharun.

Jet-ski rental

Rent a jet ski and enjoy the adrenaline ride diving along the sea or take the beautiful bay and experience the complete bathing experience.

Jet Ski Safari

The Jet Ski Safari option is yours to choose to spend your free time and go on jet skiing in the company of friends and family to the nearby islands. Discover the hidden and beautiful coves and beaches. You can also complete the ride safari experience at lunch at one of the restaurants, enjoying the indigenous homemade cuisine. Driving safaris will be the leader of the whole tour that is at your disposal.

Watersports center

In our Watersports center you can enjoy the many activities we offer you. Choose between relaxing to adrenaline activities. Choose Parasailing whether you want to fly, ride tubing or rent a jet-ski if you want to experience adrenaline.

Rent a boat

Rent a boat

Rent a jetski

Rent a jetski

Watersports center

Watersports center

Watersports center

Watersports center

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